Wednesday, March 2, 2011

what does death have to do with money?

apparently the money system will not stop at anything, no cow is to holly to slaughter...

in israel there is a specific group of people that are in charge of all the death in the country, what does that mean? well, it means they make money whenever someone dies... so death is good for business. there is always a steady stream of clients coming in, and even better since in israel there is many more reasons to die from.

what troubles me within this is that even though they have financial stability because their business is death, they still mannage to over price their product of a proper burial..

i hear about the corruption and about how they present themselves as doing a devine act by berrying the dead, but they will only do it for money, and lots of it. and if you don't have money, they will find a 'demeaning" way to dispose of you. i just heard of someone that didn't have enogh money for a garve and they opened up her mom's grave and through her on top... i'm thinking to myself "but the mom did pay for a privet grave, so will she get a refund?"

my friend just told me that someone in her family had died out side of israel, and now they need to buy a plane ticket for a dead person, to bury them in israel.. but on top of that they are asking for 30,000 shekel, that's 8000$ to dig a whole and put a dead body in, maybe say a few prays and cover it with dirt... UNREAL...

personally i think burying people is a waste of good land that can be used as a nice park... but that isn't the point. that point is the money system that we are currently participating in. does it make any sense that we allow people to profit from others deaths? that death has become a business...

in an equal money system such acts will no longer exist. no one will profit from another's misery disease and death. no one will take advantage of someone in their time of grief and sorrow, to make just some more money... dead bodies will be taken care of for all equally (i would suggest returning back to nature as animal food...)

this was just another example out of many of how by participating within this current money system we are becoming numb for each other, and all we can see and care about is money.
stop the abuse with an equal money system
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