Wednesday, July 13, 2011

two faces of self judgement

i'm finding out that there are two kinds of self judgement -

one comes from inferiority /not accepting myself / not embracing myself /defining myself according to an idea... in this case the judgment isn't really pointing at the subject at hand but rather at the starting point - why am i allowing myself to create an experience of self judgement within myself....

the other form of self judgement is me telling myself to get my act together, it is actually pointing to the subject at hand, it is me showing myself i can correct/align this point i am judging myself for, a point that my participation within it is unacceptable from the perspective of self honesty, and i must correct/change/stop my participation with this point

this is a point where self honesty comes in, to tell the two apart, even though both must be stopped, they each are showing me a different construct and will be "dealt with" differently.

within this i see how self judgement is actually a point of self support if i allow myself to take self responsibility and see what i am showing myself, and what corrections within my applications must be made.


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